Embrace the Off-Grid Homestead Lifestyle for Your Family

mountain pass during sunrise
mountain pass during sunrise

Welcome to 7 Kin Homestead

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Welcome to our Pacific Northwest Mountain Oasis! Embark on a remarkable journey as we explore the enchanting world of off-grid living with our close-knit family of 7. Join us on a voyage of discovery, inspiration, and the sheer beauty of working towards a self-sustained lifestyle. Together, we'll unravel the secrets of living off the grid and invite you to share in the wonders of our fulfilling way of life. Start your adventure here!

a sunflower with a blue sky in the background
a sunflower with a blue sky in the background

Our Off Grid Lifestyle

Join us as we unveil the countless joys of sustainable living, self-sufficiency, and the exquisite wonders of nature. Our journey is your guide to discovering the art of off-grid living. Let us share our experiences and insights, inspiring you to create your own fulfilling off-grid lifestyle. Start your adventure with us today!"

a person's hand on a blue fabric
a person's hand on a blue fabric

And let's not forget

Homesteading Tips and Tricks

Get expert advice and practical tips on homesteading, from gardening and livestock management to renewable energy solutions and DIY projects. Learn how to thrive on your own homestead, just like we do.

About 7 Kin Homestead

At 7 Kin Homestead, we are a tight-knit family of 7 who have embraced the off grid lifestyle in the magnificent Pacific Northwest mountains. Our ultimate goal is to inspire and assist others in achieving the same fulfilling way of life. Join us on our journey and discover the beauty and rewards of living off the grid.

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Escape the daily grind and an uncertain future. Embrace the off-grid lifestyle with "Off Grid On A Shoestring Budget: How to acquire off grid property with very little money ." This practical guide takes you from dreaming about off-grid living to owning your self-sufficient haven.

Discover your true motivation for going off-grid, even on a tight budget. Learn to navigate the world of owner-financed land and find hidden gems using trusted platforms. Uncover essential tips for researching properties and avoiding scams, ensuring your off-grid dream becomes a reality.

"Off Grid On A Shoestring Budget" empowers you to create a life filled with self-sufficiency, sustainability, and boundless possibilities by walking you through the first step, Finding and acquiring the land even with very little money. Download the workbook, pay what you want even if what you want to pay is zero, start your journey today!

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